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The HOTTEST Series in Sports Memorabilia!

Fire Factory

Re-writing The Standard For Mystery Boxes

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Fire Factory Series

Keepin’ it Hot!

Fire Factory’s commitment to you is to have a packed checklist with fresh names at all times and to avoid recently traded, cut, or benched players. Put simply: we know what you want! Check back often; we update our checklists at least 3-4 times a year to keep it fresh! For those products without checklists, we have endless stars, HOF’ers, and exciting rookies to pull from!

Featuring three tiers of star-studded checklists, the Fire Factory Mini Helmets and Full Size Replicas are HOT!

  • Fire Factory Series- 200 great names! With at least 5 hits from each team this list is packed with variety and quality from top to bottom! Available in Minis and Full Size reps
  • Fire Factory HEAT Series- Limited to 100 great names! Available in Minis and Full Size reps. At least 2 hits per team.
  • Fire Factory INFERNO Series- Reserved for just 50 of the game’s BIGGEST names. If you like monsters, this is the series for you! At least 1 hit per team.
The Players You Want

Our Minis And Reps Come In Three Tiers.
Fire Factory (200 names)
Heat (100 names)
Inferno (50 names)

Fire Factory

About Us

Opening a mystery box and finding the same boring stuff or duplicates can be a bummer. That’s why our new series of mystery boxes is changing the game! We guarantee that everything inside is the real deal, authenticated by big-name experts like Fanatics, Beckett, and JSA, with a 100% authenticity guarantee. Plus, we know you’re excited, so we’ll ship your mystery box within 48 business hours, often on the same day or next day! Our customer service is awesome too, got questions or cool ideas to make our mystery boxes even better? Reach out anytime – we’re here to make your mystery box experience the best ever.

sports breaks, baseball cards, football cards

Signed Mini Helmets from your favorite players. We have the stars YOU want!

sports breaks, baseball cards, football cards

Professionally framed keepsake jerseys from the hottest players.

sports breaks, baseball cards, football cards
Triple Play

Every set includes one custom jersey, one mini helmet, and one full size replica helmet.

Fire Factory